Progressive Dinner - Winter 2016

  1. Wroc Girls Sam's House
    Wroc Girls Sam's House
    Second House on our progressive dinner
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  4. The Girlz Wroc'in the Wroc bands :-)
    The Girlz Wroc'in the Wroc bands :-)
  5. Francesca and Larry our first host
    Francesca and Larry our first host
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  11. The Wroc group and the Wroc Bands
    The Wroc group and the Wroc Bands
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  14. Frenchy and Laura
    Frenchy and Laura
  15. Our Wroc groupies :-D
    Our Wroc groupies :-D
  16. Frenchy, Helldog and Pickelz
    Frenchy, Helldog and Pickelz
  17. Socializing at Frenchy's
    Socializing at Frenchy's
  18. Sportin the Rudolph look
    Sportin the Rudolph look
  19. Sheetoes and Frenchy
    Sheetoes and Frenchy
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  24. Wroc group at Francesca's house
    Wroc group at Francesca's house
  25. Sheetoes and Picklez
    Sheetoes and Picklez
  26. Duby, Marieda, Carrie and Melissa
    Duby, Marieda, Carrie and Melissa
  27. Leesa, Lisa, Helldog and Laura
    Leesa, Lisa, Helldog and Laura
  28. Raymond and Melissa
    Raymond and Melissa
  29. Marieda, Melissa and Carrie
    Marieda, Melissa and Carrie
  30. Melissa and Leesa
    Melissa and Leesa
  31. Helldog and Sheetoes
    Helldog and Sheetoes

To ride or not to ride,
that is of course always the question.

By Duby Pickelz,
The weather had been gloomy and chilly earlier in the week, and we knew we probably weren’t going to scratch that riding itch anytime soon. The smell of fresh air, the rumble of engines revving up and the feel of our hair being flattened as helmets slide snugly onto our recently well-coiffed heads was not to be.
With our, “Oh well” attitudes, we prepared the dishes we were contributing to this ’70’s style tradition of a Progressive Dinner. (A dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts/hostesses. You could say it’s a traveling potluck, with most everyone contributing a dish, drinks or treats.)
I was a little skeptical at first, never having participated in something like this, but optimistic it would be successful with the group of friends involved. I’d like to say we mostly have a can-do attitude and are pretty open to trying new things.
Our first stop was at Larry and Francesca’s house for hors d’oeuvres and beverages. We enjoyed an array of dips, bruschetta and refreshing cucumber slices topped with dill dressing. Incidentally, I was served a most delicious beverage that I know included fresh fruit, cranberry juice and some vodka-and rum I snuck into it. (Not sure what else it had, but it was good!)
Here we met up with most of the people who would be with us for the rest of the day, some old friends and some new friends.
After some eating, drinking and kidding around, we went off to the next stop, Sam’s house.
Before leaving Franny’s house, Sam made a point to inform of us his house rules (LOL, there are house rules?) of no drinking alcohol in his home. Hey it’s OK. We respect that. No alcohol, no problem, we were carrying a traveling bar anyway.
Melissa and I were driving together and decided to stop at a liquor store to pick up vodka and rum. As we arrived at Sam’s, we saw several people loitering outside by their cars and by the garage. I was a little puzzled. It had lightly started sprinkling. Apparently, several people were enjoying  a beer or two outside. Since, both Melissa and I had our cups of juice with us, we decided to fill’er up.
We finally made it into the house. I enjoyed an ambrosia yogurt-based salad and some macaroni salad. This was great for me-if you know me, eating a salad is not in my realm of reality. If there is anything green in there, it’s going to be picked out.
Our next stop was Marieda and Pauls home. Spaghetti, pozole with all the fixin’s and aram sandwiches were next on the menu.
Now we’re talking. Don’t get me wrong, everything that had been served to this point had been delicious and very well received. But my body can’t handle too many fresh veggies, actually any fresh veggies. This is totally me.
At this point I wished I had two stomachs: one for spaghetti and garlic cheesy bread and one for two bowls of pozole. Well that didn’t happen of course. I kept my plate and bowl after I was done, just to see if there was a possibility of fitting more food into my tummy. :-(sigh, Didn’t happen. We had one more house to go, the dessert and gift exchange house.
Lisa and Helldog were the next hostesses at Lisa and Robert’s house.
What a spread! Cakes, pies, fudge, candy, coffee, drinks-so much to choose from. We were all feeling fantastic. This was just the icing on the cake. We tasted this, we tasted that, we hugged, we joked, we relaxed, we had a blast. Melissa and I had decided a couple of days before, we wanted to give everyone a little something. We decided to make American Flag-printed WROC bands for everyone. Some of us had participated in a Veterans parade in November and some had lamented the lack of flag accessories.
These seemed to go over well with everyone, and we made just enough.
I would have to say this was a very successful, enjoyable event. So enjoyable, in fact, that this will now become either a biannual event or quarterly event. We’ll have to see what our riding schedules will allow.
For now, enjoy some of the many photos that were taken at this fabulous event.

A WROC'IN good time!!

Progressive Dinner #2

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
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