WROC Bands

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  9. Aqua/Teal Rhinestone Blinged WROCband
Get some Bling going on!
You'll be amazed at how sparkly these attention grabbing headbands are. When you take off your motorcycle helmet and you have Helmet hair, our Blinged Out Bandanas are perfect for that cool look. Each headband is custom made. No two are alike. Each stone individually hand set, with elastic sewn in the back so you don't get a headache from that knot underneath your helmet. Stays in place and it wont pull your hair when you put it on, because there is no tying. This style of bandana has a sweat band sewn into it. Fabric is 100% cotton, Rhinestones are Hot Fixx. Some will have vinyl or foil, depending which one you choose. Some will also have charms glued to them.
Hand wash in warm soapy water and hang dry.